Your bed sets the stage for your entire bedroom. Whether a neutral zone of comfort or a vibrant palette to wake up to, your bed should be uniquely you! There are many ways to set your bed apart-bedding, accent pillows, throws, and the topic of today’s post-headboards! There are some great options out there for every personality and budget. So dream away of waking up in one of these beds as I show you my favorite headboards from around the web!

I can’t imagine many men jumping for joy at the sight of this one, but I sure am! I cannot stop looking at this bed featured on Pulp Design Studios! The colors and texture are amazing. A truly one of a kind look!

I love wingback headboards. There is something so sophisticated, yet welcoming about them. This bed comes in 26 colors-from bright blue linen to chocolate velvet allowing for a truly ‘you’ look!

Below is another amazing image from Pulp Design Studios. If you have the high ceilings to pull this off, you need this headboard! So dramatic and so elegant.

Ready for a truly unique headboard? Check out the below 2 from etsy shops Created Spaces and Pot and Kettle Studios – headboard wall decals! Inexpensive, easy to take off, and so creative.

I can imagine many lazy mornings in this room created by Allison Elebash. Wicker furniture instantly creates charm and warmth. How lovely are these natural headboards? So perfect for the space.

This headboard creates an amazing focal point to the below space from Tim Barber. The height mixed with the bold stripes is formal yet playful. Fit for a king!

Ahh! I love this headboard so much. I am always attracted to furniture that is elegant yet comfortable. That can be a hard combination to find, so when I do find it, I get rather excited. Thank you Simply Upholstery for this beauty!