My Favorite Finds: Door mats

Soccer fields, hiking trails, school playgrounds, city streets, wherever you and your loved ones’ shoes have been, they are bound to be dirty. Avoid tracking the dirt into your home by placing a door mat in front of your doors. Not only do door mats prevent messes, they add lots of character and set the tone for guests to enter your home. Whether you’re in a classic or more colorful mood, there are some truly amazing options out there!

How great is this door mat from Sunny Day Decor? This is the first time I have seen anything like this. The multi-colored cedar wood is so unique and the perfect way to summer-fy (please don’t look this word up) your entry way!

For a more subtle touch to your entry way, this cherry blossom doormat from World Market is a great choice! It isn’t too loud, but it has a unique design to set your entry apart!

This doormat is by far the coolest of the bunch. Why? Because it is made from recycled lobster rope! There is a movement to replace all lobster rope with sinking rope to help protect the lobster population. Thus there is a huge excess of old lobster rope which Cox Pond has used to make these adorable doormats!

I’m showing a lot of love to Etsy today because there are some awesome doormats on that site! Take this beautiful natural cedar one from Floored Rugs. I can see this doormat in the country, in the city, and everywhere in between! It is truly versatile and truly eye-catching.

If I am able to incorporate color somewhere, I do. Thus I love Spring and Summer because color is everywhere! This turtle doormat is so fun, so colorful, and sure to bring smiles to everyone who walks through the door!

I had to include this door mat. First glance: aw, how sweet! Second glance: hah! If you want to set the tone for a fun filled time, choose a comical door mat. Get the party started before your guests come inside!

While not humorous, or colorful, the classic monogrammed doormat will always be a favorite of mine. There is something so homey, yet elegant about it. This doormat will last you years and is perfect for every season!

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