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The Comfort Mix: 4th of July Ideas, a Scottish Snack, and Personalized Interiors

Each week, we round up our favorite posts dealing with all things comfort. Share some finds of your own in the comments below!

  • The Fourth of July is only days away! How will you be celebrating? Will you be taking the family on a vacation? Watching the fireworks in the park? Or simply spending some rest and relaxation time at home? Take a look at One Charming Party for some celebration inspiration and printables for you and your guests to enjoy!
  • We believe that bathrooms, like any other room in your home, deserve some TLC of their own but often times we find that they’re the last room on the decor list! Small additions like a printed or colored shower curtain, personalized towels, or accessories in the style you love can make a big difference! We love what Victoria of SF Girl By Bay has done to give her bathroom a vintage feel. The assortment of paintings and old-fashioned accessories gives her room so much character!
  • We’re so inspired by the vivid photos and unique recipes to be found on Sprouted Kitchen. Their latest recipe for Yogurt, Strawberries, and Cranachan totally inspired our morning meals for the summer! Cranachan is a snack from Scotland, which is traditionally whipped cream, whiskey, honey, raspberries and toasted oats. Swap in strawberries and serve with yogurt for a delightful summertime snack to start the day.
  • Not only do we enjoy perusing through images of home interiors, but we love it when we can learn about the people who live within the spaces as well! Visit FvF to view the apartment of videographers and parents – Vivien Weyrach and Fabian Rottger. We love how the decor is a perfect blend between their personal taste, their occupations, and their parental necessities! The living room with a computer workstation on one side, stuffed animals and toy carts on the other, and a vintage map and camera in the center is a great example.
  • It’s wedding season and all you future brides should probably check out Kathyrn Greeley’s post on designer Tobi Fairley’s blog for six quick tips on bridal registries!


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