6 Ways to Freshen Up Your Space

Imagine redecorating on an unlimited budget: expensive imported textiles every season, new lighting fixtures for every room, weekly flower arrangements, and as many accent pillows as every couch and bed could possibly fit! Unfortunately, that’s not the case for myself and I’m sure for many others. However, a limited budget is not necessarily a bad thing. Working under limitations often leads to much more creative and exciting results. If you currently don’t have the time or money for a total home makeover, consider trying out these small changes to spruce up your space.

Declutter Your Decor
You might have a great piece of decor (like your favorite painting, vase, or plant), but is it getting enough spotlight? Your painting could be lost in a sea of frames on the wall and your vase could be hidden amongst a stack of books! Figure out what you’d like to showcase and remove any clutter that could be around it.

Declutter Your Decor
Interesting, yet clutter-free shelves via Eddie Ross

Use Your Head
Reupholstering a headboard is a simple update with big results. Play around with patterns and textures that either match your existing bedding or inspire you to take your linens in a new direction. Throw in a decor pillow to coordinate and your bedroom update is set!

Use Your Head
An bright, upholstered headboard as seen on DIY by Design becomes the focal point of the bedroom.

Bring in the outdoors
Use the beauty of nature to your advantage. Adding a tall plant, indoor tree, or multiple floor plants adds a fresh and lively feel to a space. This is great for those who like neutral decor pieces, as the plants will add color in a natural way.

Houseplants bring a burst of color to a bright home office space.

Texture-ize it
Sometimes, the addition of accents with lots of texture creates enough visual and tactile interest to transform a space. A new patchwork quilt in the bedroom is an easy way to do just that. Linen bedding is also a welcome change from the common percale bedding and adds a relaxed and effortlessly chic look for the summer. Incorporating texture in the living room can be as simple as adding a woven rug or embroidered pillows!

Texture-ize it
The texture of a patchwork quilt and shams paired with a jute rug provide visual interest within the bedroom.

Cover It Up
Slipcovers over couches, dining chairs, and benches are a wonderful way to bring color and pattern into your space. They can also be swapped out with the change of seasons and easily thrown in to the washer if they need a good clean. If a slipcover is not for you, try draping a patterned throw across the back of your seating arrangement for a layered look.

Cover it up
Dreamy Whites blogger Maria Carr utilizes white slipcovers to create a bright and airy atmosphere in her living room.

Start at the door
Here’s one that you may not have thought of. It’s the first thing friends and family see upon their arrival so why not take some time to make it as inviting as your interior? Consider adding an outdoor plant, a bright and cheery doormat, or add seating if your space allows. You can even go as far as replacing the door handle, doorbell, or door knocker! First impressions count!

Start at the door
A new look starts at the front door!


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