The Comfort Mix: Better Sleep Month, Bright White Rooms, and Perfect Picnic Planning

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  • May is Better Sleep Month! It’s time to stop going to sleep late, waking up early, and resorting to caffeine to keep us up all day. You deserve more sleep! Thanks to Women’s Health Magazine for providing this in-depth article on a proper night’s rest. This applies to all our male readers, too!
  • We can’t all have a cottage for our summer retreats but we can still dream, right? This home by interior designer Sarah Richardson is exactly the space we’d love to live in during the months ahead. We enjoy the mix-and-match nature of the furniture pieces, the high ceilings, and beautiful fabric pattern combinations – especially on the beds! Those are some bedrooms we wouldn’t mind waking up in every morning.
  • Picnics are a wonderful way to bring friends together while showcasing your planning expertise. If you’re not a planner – don’t worry! They’re surprisingly easy to pull off. Take these simple picnic tips from The Glitter Guide, bring your brightest blanket (perhaps our Classic Cotton Blanket in Saffron?), and you’re good to go!
  • Timothy and his wife Laura recently had a child (congrats!) and needed to upgrade their laundry room – the source of clean and comfortable sheets, of course! We’re absolutely blown away by the end product and appreciate that they’ve included detailed photos of the entire process. Truly inspirational!
  • White bedrooms are a number of wonderful things – elegant, chic, calming, and comforting. An assortment of white decor can instantly open up a room and bring an airy, light-filled quality to once dark and closed-off spaces. Have you ever experienced waking up to the sun bouncing off white walls and bedding? It makes for quite an invigorating morning! Check out our Pinterest board for some inspiring photos!
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