My Favorite Finds: Summer Bags

When I see women walking around with small bags, I am both stunned and confused. How does one fit a wallet, phone, iPod, keys, lipstick, chapstick, umbrella, sweater, lotion, and so on in a bag barely larger than my hand?! My conclusion: they are not prepared.

For those of us who insist on carrying everything but the kitchen sink…there are some super fun carry-all bags out this year! Whether running errands, packing a picnic, going to the beach, or simply being out and about, a large summer bag will get a lot of use! From prints to solids, here are some of my favorite summer carry-alls!

I love the fun prints on these bags from The Company Store—fish, shells, and flowers… so summery! These colorful bags come in two sizes and are made of sturdy canvas. Can I have one of each? Too much?

Ah how I love you, Etsy. How great is this yellow bag from Gest Handmade? Large enough to fit all the necessities without feeling too big. Plus it’s machine-washable! Thus, this bag will stay bright and cheery for many summers to come!

If you haven’t checked out Scout by Bungalow… you are missing out! This site is full of bags, coolers, bins, and gifts in dozens of colorful designs. The below tote in the Starstruck pattern is the perfect size and features a zipper closure!

A preppy, classic tote? Check. An insulated cooler bag? Check. Why sacrifice style for functionality? It’s perfect for packing picnics or running to the grocery store! (via Keep Your Cooler)

I am a sucker for anything nautical. I just love stripes and anything that reminds me of boats, beaches, and summer! Check out the 2 totes below. I can’t take my eyes off of this papaya striped tote from J.Crew. It’s such a stunning color!

And this green and white striped tote is perfect as a carry-all or fold it over and it becomes the perfect every-day bag!  (via From Nancy)

Roll-up reusable bags are a must-have! Small and lightweight, they are perfect for keeping in your handbag. You never know when you’ll be running an unexpected errand! These bags from Envirosax make it so easy to be both eco-conscious and fashionable. How gorgeous is this Mai Tai floral bag?! I may or may not have just ordered 5…

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2 comments on “My Favorite Finds: Summer Bags

  1. I am so with you on this… Although I invariably dont use half of what I have with me when I am out, I just can’t convince myself that it is not going to suddenly begin snowing (or suchlike) and therefore, it is entirely necessary to carry earmuffs around in July!! Thank you for this summary of actually USEFUL bags and not pockets on string 😀

  2. Oh my god, i love the green one. I agree with you Laura. I love to use my tote handbag with me when i go around the city. You will never know how many stuff that we can buy along the way and for that, a bigger bag is a must 🙂

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