My Favorite Finds: Storage

Finding a place for all your clothes, shoes, toys, jewelry etc. can be a huge undertaking. Without the proper storage your house can quickly turn into a cluttered mess. But thanks to fashionable storage boxes and shelving, your house can reach its organizing potential. Take a look at the images I found from around the web, with the right storage you can take your house from unorganized and dull, to functional and stylish.

I love storage boxes that have fun prints, but it is also helpful to be able to see what’s inside. The solution? The below boxes from The Container Store! Featuring a beautiful print is set on semi-opaque white to allow you to make out its contents.. These are great for storing away in a closet or placing on an open shelf!

I am all about dual purposing. Why have a standard coffee table when you can use an amazing statement piece as both storage and table? (Via Anthropologie)

Storage is a high commodity in small spaces. Built-ins and shelving are a great way to make up for a lack of closet space but can make a small space feel even smaller. That is why I love pieces, like the below from Inspiration for Decoration, that incorporate both transparent doors and solid drawers. The drawers allow you to hide away all the odds and ends, while the glass doors allow for the space to not feel closed off. And how great are the white baskets? Such a classic look!

The space under your bed can be a great place to store those things that you don’t need often, but want to keep handy. This basket weave storage box from The Company Store is perfect for shoes, bedding, and seasonal clothing. It will also help you keep things organized and tidy.

The shelving in your home can often be an eyesore with its bulky and boxy look. However, this piece by Labra Designs on Etsy is a great example of  functionality and style working together perfectly. Its wavy sculpting and suspended design make it look more like a piece of art than a fully functional shelf. It’s a great addition to any home seeking more adventurous, atypical shelving units.

Put your personality on display with this vibrant storage trunk. Everyone has miscellaneous clutter that takes up space and makes their house look forever messy. This trunk is perfect for storing those random items scattered around while adding a bit of fun to any color-filled room.

Call me odd, but I LOVE hat boxes. This fascination began early on as I grew up watching old musicals. There was always a beautiful woman to be seen carrying a hat box. I love storing keepsakes in hat boxes because the box is created to protect the items inside from getting crushed or bent. They are wonderful for pictures, breakables, and any item that needs to be handled with care! With plenty of room inside and a unique retro look on the outside, this keepsake box is sure to add style and vintage flair to any room.

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