My Favorite Finds: Small Space Seating

Whether you have a small apartment or a small living space in your home, small spaces can be very difficult to furnish. One of the worst things to do in a small space is to place large furniture pieces that takeover the room. You can have a full sized sofa ‒ but keeping to furniture with thin lines will make the room feel much bigger. So sit back in that oversized chair that is way too big for your room and get inspired by small space seating!

I am kinda obsessed with this settee with the pink accents. This piece has thin lines, yet looks super comfy! A perfect sofa for a small space! (Via Décor 8)

I love the breezy color of the Bel Aire chair from Thibaut. It is small enough so it’s not intrusive, but still a welcoming option! I am noticing a tufted theme to these images…

Having a small space doesn’t mean you can’t have a full sized sofa. The below sofa from Apartment Therapy is a great example of this. Narrow side arms allow a sofa to fit in a small space without taking up the whole room.

And now to the non-tufted images! I love this piece for multiple reasons. 1. It comes in 26 colors! (Yes…not 2, not 6, 2-6!) 2. The shape is modern and elegant 3. It will fit pretty much in any room. ‘Nough said.

Smaller furniture doesn’t have to be boring. Take this fabulously printed pouf from Aletafae and bench from Breakfast at Anthropologie! Poufs can pull double-duty as both an ottoman and a seat. As for this bench, it is both multifunctional (coffee table, ottoman, seat, and storage) and beautiful!

Though it may seem counterintuitive, sectional sofas work great in small spaces! Instead of a couch and multiple chairs-sectionals provide a lot of seating without the extra pieces. Just make sure to not go overboard! A small space isn’t magically going to fit a 30 foot wrap-around couch! Keep to L shaped, smaller sectionals.

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