The Comfort Mix: Relaxed Interiors, Homemade Peanut Butter, and Patriotic Inspiration

Each week, we round up our favorite posts dealing with all things comfort. Share some finds of your own in the comments below!

  • The only thing better than a great room makeover is an amazing room makeover! We can’t get enough of this media room design before-and-after featured on Tobi Fairley‘s interior design blog! We love the detailed sketches paired with the finished products and, of course, the use of that amazing shade of orange! We’d love to have a summer party there!
  • The team at FvF head to Los Angeles to visit fashion designer and photographer Ai and Cedric Bihr and their sun-drenched home – one that oozes comfort inside and out! We love the relaxed nature of their decor – from their multi-candle coffee table centerpiece, the book-filled crates that line their living room wall, and the assortment of printed textiles on their couches, floor, and dining table.
  • DO you consider peanut butter a comfort food? We do – especially if it’s homemade! The Eccentric Cook has an easy and healthy recipe for this tasty treat, complete with photos! We see these on our menu for summer picnics and snacks on the road.
  • Sometimes, a very simple decor idea can make a huge impact on room. Take this example from Yellow Brick Home: with just nails and yarn, Kalli was able to create an elegant and inexpensive piece of wall art. “Aloha”, a Hawaiian word that expresses affection, peace, compassion and mercy, spelled out in bright variegated yarn instantly inspires us with thoughts of summer.
  • Lastly, we hope everyone observing Memorial Day has a relaxing and comfort-filled weekend! We’re getting into the patriotic mood by viewing these red, white, and blue themed interiors featured on both Hollingsworth Design and Angie Helm Interiors!
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