Southwestern style is inspired by the colors, textures and lifestyle of the American Southwest. Think Santa Fe, Albuquerque and West Texas, where the plains are wide open and the sky is pale blue. Southwestern décor features earth tones and rough, rustic furniture and decorative objects that combine with bright colors inspired by the sky, sun and desert. The feeling is creative, relaxed and in tune with nature. (Photo:

Southwestern furniture favors unfinished woods such as knotty pine or recycled barn wood, reclaimed materials and leather. Rusted or wrought iron brings in a touch of Mexico’s influence, lightened by glass tabletops. Tiles and ceramics add are common as well. (Photo:

Textiles and fabrics for furniture coverings and window treatments tend to be roughly woven with natural color variations. Sheets and bedding basics favor warm tones of earth and sky. Leather and suede add warmth and durability. Stripes incorporating desert tones are found in upholstery as well as floor coverings. (Photo: The Company Store)

Accessories include painted pottery, especially with Native American influences, adding color in any room. Terra cotta tiles or adobe textured walls give an authentic feeling.