My Favorite Finds: Outdoor Furniture

Summer is well on its way! With the temperatures rising, summer clothes fully stocked in every shop, and kids getting antsy for summer vacation-now is the perfect time to think about your outdoor spaces. Whether you have a sprawling yard in the suburbs or a tiny patio in the city, there are some great outdoor furniture options out there! Below are some of my favorites from around the web. Sit back; grab a glass of lemonade, and dream away of the summer days spent in your own outdoor space.

Simply beautiful. I could spend hours sitting on this porch surrounded by the beautiful green backdrop! White wicker furniture has so much character and never goes out of style.  (via Country Living)

What immediately drew me to this image from Style at Home was the fact that this space is both flawless and tiny. Living in the city, a yard is hard to come by. When you do have one it’s likely to be small!. The bright colored furniture and perfectly manicured landscaping make this backyard feel spacious and welcoming. An amazing inspiration for all the city folk out there!

There is something so relaxing and quaint about the below space. The mix and match of different furniture pieces creates a unique and rustic feel. It’s budget friendly, too! (via Delight By Design)

Your outdoor furniture should be a reflection of your home décor. The below is a great example from 2 Modern that brings modern, clean lines outdoors!

The classic Adirondack chair. Need I say more? It’s beautiful, versatile, and oh so comfy! Changing up the cushions every year is a great way to add variety and create a new look! (via The Company Store)

As much as I love the dark woods and colorful accents, the below furniture is so serene. The light wood with the neutral cushions create a spa-like atmosphere that looks so refreshing. Thank you Full House for sharing this!

In my own little corner…in my own little chair…What a perfect little escape spot! This nook containing an adorable grey loveseat looks perfect for sneaking away and getting some much needed “me” time! (Via CocoCozy)

Do you have any favorite outdoor decor pieces? What are you currently craving for your space? Let us know in the comments below.


5 comments on “My Favorite Finds: Outdoor Furniture

  1. Nice, I want to have that red outdoor furniture. Love the color and the setup. Thanks for sharing this wonderful outdoor furniture.

  2. Great find Laura, thanks for sharing. I’m going to check that classic Adirondack chair, it really looks awesome and comfortable.

  3. Probably one of the best things my wife wants in our home as well as this summer season. I also like eating outdoor. I don’t know why, maybe it really boosts my mood especially when eating. I like the outdoor furniture number 1 and 3. It’s simple and relaxing. My wife and I starting to look for furniture to put in our garden.

  4. How I wish we had this kind of outdoor space. Sad to say, ours are too different from these porches that make me choose staying in my bedroom instead.

  5. Natural atmosphere will also provide a comfortable sense, most people like to enjoy the fresh air outdoors with fragrant floral scent. Outdoor furniture is very influential on susasana in the garden, furniture used must also comply with the location so impressed complete and unified.

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