The shakers were members of a church group founded on the principals of simple, spiritual living, immigrating from England and settling from Maine to Florida beginning in 1774. They believed in simple, hard work and the importance of harmony and order in everyday life.

Shaker furniture is admired for its clean lines and functionality, celebrating simplicity above all else. Natural wood, unbroken lines and with minimal ornamentation are the visual hallmark. Genuine shaker antiques are prized for their handmade quality and attention to detail, with skilled joinery and durable construction. Authentic-looking replicas can be found around the country, bringing the feeling of homestyle décor and simple living to any room.

The most popular shaker style furniture pieces include tables, chairs, rocking chairs, cabinets and beds. (Photo: Sturbridge Yankee Workshop)

Shaker style décor includes surprisingly-bright-colored walls, wood plank floors and handmade accents such as quilts and candles. Photo: Apartment Therapy)

Shaker decorative accessories include wooden toys, wildflowers and cane or woven seats in geometric patterns.

Top photo: Decorating Country Home