Style A-B-C: Safari

African influence and Old World aesthetic combine in Safari style, recalling hazy days on the savannah and native arts and crafts.

Safari style is the embodiment of relaxed living, with a touch of elegance. Furniture is often highlighted by animal hides, including leather, zebra stripes, leopard spots or tiger stripes. Traditional handpainted fabrics showcase traditional crafts. Rattan and bamboo are also prevalent in safari style, accented by colorful pillows and textiles.

Colors in safari style are inspired by the vistas of Africa, with golden browns, deep reds, jade greens and periwinkle blues taking center stage.

Lighting is traditionally iron or rustic wood with warm shades in metal or animal prints. Sconces add pools of light on warm gold or terracotta walls.

In the bedroom, mosquito netting and crisp white bedding recalls safari tents and a sense of adventure.

Accessories range from African tribal designs to rustic, handcrafted items. Wall hangings, masks, animal skins or hand-forged copper pieces are dramatic and warm focal points. Stained glass, leather trunks, and carved wooden bowls are interesting accents. Richly colored Persian rugs add a classic traveler’s touch.

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