Style A-B-C: Modern

Modern style décor is sleek, streamlined and uncluttered, with minimal ornamentation and neutral tones.

Modern furniture is low and simple. Modular pieces are arranged at right angles. The low furniture gives the room an open feeling, with unobstructed windows giving view to the outdoors.

Modern finishes are sleek and smooth. Glass, chrome, lacquer and polished woods are intermixed with stainless steel, stone or pale bamboo. Colors are neutral-on-neutral. White walls are a given, while furniture is upholstered in tone-on-tone textures. Small pops of color, in accessories or artwork, add lively interest.

Glass – particularly windows – plays an important role in modern décor. Large glass windows, without panes, are frequently bare – no curtains or drapes or blinds. When privacy is a concern, simple neutral panels are preferred.

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  1. Beautiful interior design. Very clean and modern. I’d love to hangout there the whole day. 🙂

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