Quick study.

We’ve noticed a trend…many of our friends now have studies! As in, “let’s go hang out in the study.” (Not to be confused with, “Let’s find Colonel Mustard in the drawing room.”)

There’s something so sophisticated about having a study. It’s the perfect middle ground between a home office (sounds like work) and a library (sounds snooty). What makes a good, modern study?

Function is great, but don’t forget about form.
Of course you need some of the practical basics: desk or workspace, drawers, shelves, lighting. But when you choose these items, keep your head in a family room kind of mindset – think warm colors, rich fabrics, comfortable cushions, leather, and handcrafts from around the world. Rather than position all the furniture around the edges of the room, place the desk diagonally. Depending on the size of the room, include a sofa, loveseat, or oversized easy chair or club chair with ottoman. A few big floor pillows can be positioned for comfort and any

Add a flat screen TV and create a space where mom and dad can work at the desk while the kids watch a family movie or teens catch a basketball game. It’s a great way to get some family time while mom checks email or Dad goes through the mail. For a little convenience and luxury, a mini fridge is an inexpensive way to keep cold drinks close at hand and help create the feeling of a relaxing hideaway.

Personal mementos are a must. Family photos on the wall, collected souvenirs from family vacations, framed kids’ artwork – all these items will help the room feel like someplace you want to be, not someplace you have to go for work or bookkeeping.

Turn your home office into a study and invite the family in. You’ll increase your home’s comfort and enjoy more together time, too!

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  1. I think if you add a television to the space, it pretty well ruins the study or library aspect of the room. Add a source of music and let it remain relaxing and TV free.

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