Style A-B-C: Mission

Sharing a very similar aesthetic with Arts & Crafts style, Mission decorating and furniture emphasizes natural materials, especially wood, and pieces are marked by straight lines, squares and rectangles.

Furniture pieces are solid wood and sturdy, with simple lines. Oak is preferred, although cherry has grown in popularity. The finish is waxed or oiled, never polished or shiny.

In addition to dark woods, mission style is also noted for the use of stone, glass, ceramic tiles and textiles, such as wool, cotton, linen and leather. Handcrafted metal hardware can be wrought iron or bronze, or soft brushed pewter or nickel for a lighter effect.

Stained glass is frequently seen in mission style décor, in windows, lamps or inset in cabinet doors or coffee table tops.

The colors of mission style are warm and dark, including rust, deep green, warm gold and burnt red.

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