Style A-B-C: Garden

The name Garden Style is fairly self-explanatory – of course this décor is grounded in the natural world and all things green. Aside from placing houseplants throughout a room, other garden style décor features include a nature-inspired color palette. Soft greens accented with pops of color can mimic the feeling of a flower garden or meadow.

Furniture favors light-colored woods and natural, non-glossy finishes. Wicker, raffia and other woven touches recall wild grasses. Outdoor furniture looks fresh when incorporated indoors, perhaps with soft cushions. Fabrics can be non-busy florals or soft solids inspired by plants or landscapes.

Decorative accents include (no surprise) flowers, either fresh-cut or realistic-looking silk flowers, and found-objects such as seashells, pretty stones, or carved wood artifacts. Victorian bird cages and garden statuary continue the outdoor feeling.

Windows are covered lightly with sheer panels, perhaps with a leaf or muted floral pattern, hung from ceiling to floor to maximize height.

Floors, too, are light in color, with a covering such as blonde wood or coir mat. Existing dark wood floors can be covered with light area rugs to soften the effect.

Garden-style décor can give your home a natural, relaxed, warm feeling all year long, like a sunny day no matter what the weather outside.

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