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The results are in! The winner of this year’s Best In Show of the much-loved Westminster Dog Show goes to Malachy, the Pekingese! Also know as the Lion Dog, the Pekingese has  a history that dates back to the emperors of China–at least the 700s CE!

Legend has is it that long ago a lion fell in love with a marmoset. It was an impossible love due to their difference in size so the lion asked Ah Chu, the protector of animals, to shrink him down to the size of a marmoset. His wish for a smaller stature was granted but his heart remained its original size. From this union, the Pekingese dog (or Fu Lin – Lion Dog) was born. Adorable, wouldn’t you agree?

In celebration of this year’s Westminster show, we’ve dedicated an entire album on Pinterest to showcasing our “best-in-show” puppy-related items. We hope you think they’re winners, too!

Photo: Danielle Scott

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