Style A-B-C: Fusion

Fusion style is sometimes referred to as global or world style and the overall effect is to create a home that looks like it belongs to a world traveler (even if your idea of travel is a week at the shore).

Exotic textiles and native-inspired rugs bring rich colors and interesting patterns as well as texture. Moroccan tiles, African bowls and vases and Asian-inspired furniture work together beautifully.

The fusion color palette features neutrals and nature-based hues, such as earthy browns and tans or sky blues and sunset golds. Wood, brick and tile are ideal as flooring (better than wall-to-wall carpeting). Window treatments include bamboo or grass shades or yards of Indian sari-style silk.

Furniture is simple and uncomplicated, with a single dramatic piece such as a heavy table or armoire adding a bit of drama.

Place handcrafted accessories throughout – they’ll look like souvenirs you picked up in hidden marketplaces. Think wood carvings, ceramics, unusual baskets or painted boxes.

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