Style A-B-C: French Country

French Country style is inspired by the rolling hills of rural France, where lavender and grapevines perfume the air and the sun has a particularly warm and languid quality.

In the home, French Country style has a warm, cozy and elegant-yet-rustic feeling. Antiques and florals are combined with gilded accents and crisp whites for a study in beautiful contrasts. In French Country, older is better, with distressed woods and worn painted finishes adding a sense of history and heirloom beauty.

Popular French Country accents include copper pots, baskets, pottery and lots of flowers. Traditional motifs might display roosters, olives, sunflowers, grapes and lavender.

Sunny yellow, soft gold, fiery red and burnt rust give bright accents to greens ranging from grass to dark hunter.

Stone surfaces – from fireplace to floor, from walls to kitchen backsplash – are important elements of a French Country home.

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  1. Hi Companyliving,
    Speaking of which, The French Country style feel is easily obtainable with the right home or kitchen accessories. Getting the look right need not cost a fortune and you don’t need an interior designer. All it takes is little changes like the odd stenciling on walls, coordinating tablecloths and crockery all in the colours you choose.
    BTW great blogpost

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