Dust Never Sleeps

If you’re like us, there is at least one room in your house (or many rooms) currently in need of dusting. It’s crazy, right? It seems that the moment you’re done dusting, there’s a new layer of the stuff and it’s time to start all over again!

If you’re like us in another way, you hate dusting. Probably because you’re not really sure how to do it. It seems pretty simple, but believe it or not, there are a few tips that can make it easier and your dusting efforts more productive.

1. Keep the tools close at hand. We like the electrostatic dusting cloths like Swiffers for quick every day cleaning. Stash one or two in every room, tucked into a drawer or behind a book on the shelf. Every once in a while, you can grab the cloth and a quick pass through the room. For more regular dusting, microfiber cloths are best as they don’t leave behind their own fabric dust. (Stay away from feather dusters – all they do is move dust around and toss it into the air…where it eventually settles on surfaces again when you’re not looking.)
2. Get a HEPA filter. It’s true – not only do HEPA filters keep allergens out of the air, but they also can reduce the amount of dust. You can also get a vacuum with HEPA filter. (This only helps if you remember to vacuum regularly!)
3. Work from the top down. Remember gravity? When you dust high shelves, ceiling fans, etc., some dust is inevitably going to fall downward. Start at the top and work your way down, so stray dust doesn’t fall down onto your clean furniture or floor.
4. Make an appointment. It’s hard at first, but if you can schedule just a few minutes of dusting into your calendar, soon it will be come habit and you won’t even notice it. Every week, dust furniture and electronics (don’t forget TV screens and monitors). Every month, dust ceiling fans, windowsills, baseboards and shelves. Also monthly, vacuum your upholstery and dust window treatments such as curtains and blinds. (Dry clean window treatments once or twice per year.)
5. Death to bunnies! Dust bunnies are little clumps of hair and dust that gather in forgotten areas – under the bed, behind furniture, in dark corners. Sweeping, dusting and/or vacuuming regularly will prevent them from forming.

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  1. Some tips can really make it easier and your dusting efforts more productive.
    1. Keep the tools close at hand.
    2. Get a HEPA filter.
    3.Work from the top down
    4.Make an appointment
    All these tips are working really great

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