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If you’ve ever spent more than a minute or two on YouTube we’re guessing you’ve seen a video featuring pet – clever cat, dancing dog, rascally rabbit. One thing’s clear from these videos (and even from walking around the mall): we love to pamper our pets!

Here are some ideas for showing your furry or feathered (or finned) friend some love:

It may not seem like pampering per se, but one of the most meaningful and helpful things you can do for your dog is provide some good training. Puppy classes are great but the good news is, you can teach an old dog new tricks! You’ll find tips and advice online, and you can probably find dog trainers in your area who specialize in older dogs. This is important, as more and more people adopt shelter dogs, the need for specialized training for older dogs is growing, too.

There’s nothing like home-prepared sweet and savory treats to show the ones we love how special they are. And that goes for our pets, too! Try whipping up a batch of homemade cat treats or dog treats. Or, not to be forgotten, mix up some homemade fish food or bird food. Your pet won’t necessarily realize how much time and effort you put into their treats, but you’ll be glad to know they are enjoying healthy snacks with pure ingredients.

All the cool doggies these days are wearing cute clothes, from sweaters and rain jackets to cute little booties. We’ve actually seen a dress-wearing cat, too. It’s amazing how detailed pet fashions have become. Here and here are a few great resources for the latest in canine/feline couture.

How would you like to be relegated to sleeping on the floor? No, thank you! If you’re not willing to share your bed, you’ll want to provide your pet with a soft, fluffy bed to call their own. There are so many styles available today, you can find something to match your home’s décor. We especially love the plush Velour Pet Bed at The Company Store. And be sure to get a pet bed with a removable cover – easy to toss wash and dry every few months.

It’s one of the best things about pet ownership! Stock up on toys for your cat, dog or bird. A tennis ball or Frisbee is great, but check out some of the crazy chew toys, squeaky toys and rope toys for dogs these days. A new toy every once in a while is sure to get that tail wagging. Fun for your fish? Add a colorful new plant or decoration to the aquarium. (Perhaps not fun for the fish, but you’ll enjoy seeing something news!) For cats, toys with bells, feathers and catnip are always welcome. When in doubt, no cat can resist a good box!

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  1. The 5 steps to a very happy dog it seems!

    I’m not really a fan of fashion section, I know a lot of owners do it its just I don’t like the looks I get when in the park!


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