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Is there any better childhood memory than building a fort in the living room? We don’t think so. What is it that makes a couch cushion fort so special? Is it the fact that you most certainly are “messing up” the living room – and it’s OK? Is it that couch cushions and other “building materials” are like big, oversized toys, capable of truly impressive engineering feats? Or maybe it’s the allure of a secret hiding place, where the grown-ups aren’t allowed (they can’t fit!), and where kids can get away from daily annoyances like chores and homework (or siblings)? Actually, scratch that last part. Building a living room fort is almost guaranteed to bring siblings together—creating memories they’ll cherish for a lifetime.

The basics of fort-building.
Creating a cool living room fort isn’t complicated and doesn’t require any special equipment.

  • This guide at eHow says to first gather as many large-size building materials as possible – couch cushions, pillows, chairs, ottomans, etc.
  • Grab some blankets, sheets and/or throw blankets.
  • For simplicity (or for younger kids) consider using a dining room table or folding card table as the roof, and then drape blankets or sheets on the sides.
  • Let kids work on the design. The process of trying different arrangements and watching them stand strongly or fail in a pile of pillows is a great learning experience.
  • Add a cushy sleeping bag or comforter on the bottom as a soft, comfy floor.
  • Use a broom handle or yardstick to prop up sheets and create a tent-like roof.

For a good laugh (and even some inspiring ideas), check out this awesome site featuring high-falutin’ critical analysis of couch cushion fort design by architectural experts. It’s satire (we think?) – and yet also useful. And fun, too!

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