Treehouse Dreams

This isn’t really the time of year to start building something outdoors, but it certainly is a good time to start planning a project for the spring. And we’re super-excited because one of our favorite things to plan is a treehouse!

Did you have a treehouse as a kid? Did anyone in your neighborhood have one? A treehouse is one of the coolest things a child can experience – and being involved in the design and construction of your very own treehouse is even better.

What makes a treehouse so great? Well, it’s in a tree, for starters! Wow. But seriously, the tree aspect is really about one thing: having a place of one’s own. Kids love treehouses like they love other kinds of forts, playhouses and hiding places. They are kid-sized spaces designed just for them. A getaway from yucky things like chores, nagging parents, homework, annoying siblings…you get the picture.

Of course, for safety reasons, kids can’t design and build a treehouse all on their own. That’s where we grown-ups come in. And that’s where these awesome links to treehouse resources come in, too:

All of those sites have great step-by-step guides to selecting the perfect tree, designing the ideal structure, choosing supplies, building in safety, and more.

Ask your kids what they think about building a treehouse. We guarantee this idea will bring you hours of family fun and together-time all winter long, as you look at different designs and photos online and make plans for your own structure. Then you get the fun of actually building in the spring. By summer, your treehouse will be ready for lazy afternoons under a leafy canopy, stargazing on summer nights and special memories to last a lifetime.

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  1. Build a treehouse is a great idea, it’s a childhood dream!

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