Style A-B-C: Asian

Asian style for your home can seem to be fairly self-explanatory. Influences from countries such as Japan and China are what we typically think of.

Traditional Japanese design points include inspirations from nature, in the form of bamboo or cherry blossoms, or colors taken from nature such as stone, gray, brown and green, to create a calming environment. Water, in the form of fountains or ponds, contribute to the feeling of calm and a connection to the natural world.

Chinese-inspired décor includes stylized furniture with handpainted designs and lacquered finishes, dark woods plus bright colors and ornaments featuring animals or mythical creatures.

Today’s designers look beyond the typical Japanese and Chinese styles, finding accent pieces and inspiration in the art and style of places such as Indonesia (known especially for carved woods), Thailand (rattan and brass) and Vietnam (Asian with French influence).

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