Style A-B-C: Arts & Crafts

Arts & Crafts Style ChairThe Arts & Crafts movement was about more than style.  It was a statement in response to the growing use of mass production following the Industrial Revolution, a reaction to the popular movement away from nature and an answer to the Victorian era’s love of excessive ornaments. Arts & Crafts style, beginning in the early 1900s, celebrates simplicity and craftsmanship, focusing on clean lines, natural wood, and handmade details such as exposed joinery. Furniture pieces have strong, simple lines, with few curves and dark stains.

Arts & Crafts furniture styles were embellished with stained glass, painted ceramic tiles, hammered metals and “modern” (for the time) floral fabrics. Mica lampshades also play a prominent role.

Popular Arts & Crafts colors are deep brown, gold, forest green and dark rose.

Some famous artisans of the Arts & Crafts style include Gustav Stickley, William Morris and Greene & Greene.

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