What do your color choices say about you?

Whether it’s home décor or fashion, have you ever wondered why one person likes certain colors, while the next person can prefer a completely different group of colors? Apparently, there are “experts” who have thought extensively about this — and even have some ideas about what your color preferences say about you and your personality. Curious?

Think about your favorite color, or a family of hues you tend to gravitate toward:

  • Red means you are action-oriented, physical and sensual
  • Orange means you are social, and you enjoy challenges in your life
  • People who choose yellow tend to appreciate order
  • Blue-lovers enjoy inner peace and truth, and can be inflexible in their opinions
  • Purple means you are drawn to helping others
  • Brown-lovers need a safe, secure and simple existence

These are just a few color personality cues. Click here for more.

In addition to helping illuminate aspects of your own personality, color can also influence human behavior. There’s an actual field of “color psychology,” which holds that color choice can affect our mood, our emotions, our ability to learn and even our happiness. One of the most interesting examples of color psychology is associated with the placebo effect: wherein the color of placebo pills was found to have an influence on their effectiveness. In the studies, “hot-colored” pills worked better as stimulants and “cool-colored” pills worked better as depressants. Fascinating!

Of more practical use to us, however, is how color can be used in home décor. When choosing colors for your paint and furnishings, consider the following:

  • Blue tones tend to be soothing and relaxing, with a cool feeling.
  • Research indicates that people are more productive – and eat less – in blue rooms.
  • Warm colors – red, orange, yellow – encourage conversation and play
  • Decorating with a combination of warm and cool colors adds balance and variety to a room.
  • Deep beiges and browns add a feeling of luxury and understated opulence.

No matter what colors you choose for the rooms in your home, we can’t stress enough – try a sample first! Most paint manufacturers offer small sample jars of paint so you can paint a 2-foot square of all and see how the color looks at different times of day and night. Don’t assume you know what the color will look like, especially if you are combining fabrics and furniture. The small cost of a paint sample can save you money and headaches later.

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