Make yourself comforterable

In honor of our annual comforter sale — on now through August 31 — we take a closer look at the product that is our reason for being.

Down Comforter

We’re not really sure when the traditional quilt – layers of fabric stitched together to provide insulation and warmth on cold winter nights – morphed into the comforter, but we’re so glad it did. Is there anything more comfy than a thick, fluffy down comforter, nestled over you like a cloud? Of course, some people prefer down alternatives, like polyfill, or Primaloft® from The Company Store. In fact, that’s one of the other things we love about comforters – there are so many different kinds! Different fills, different fill powers, different warmth levels… you can really customize to get just the right feeling for your own personal cloud.

One more reason we love comforters? Comforter covers! With a quilt or coverlet, the look you purchase is the look you get, which is fine, but what if you want to change it up? Comforter covers let you change the look and feel of your bed – and even your whole bedroom – literally overnight. In the summer, we like to use a crisp cotton cover, while in the winter we switch to flannel. At other times we’ve had a microfiber cover or a linen cover. The possibilities are endless!

One more thing – what the heck is a duvet and is it different from a comforter? Apparently, a duvet is the same as a down comforter, and it’s a term that originated in Europe. It’s a term that’s interchangeable with “down comforter.’ Here’s a little trivia: have you ever heard of a “duvet day?” This is a practice in some English companies that’s similar to a personal day, where employees are allowed to stay home from work for any reason, just because they feel like it. Some companies actually “give” employees a specified number of duvet days as part of their employment contract.

Duvet days? Comforter days? Hey, America, this is an idea we can live with!

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