Organize Your Bathroom!

Getting organized in the bathroom doesn’t have to mean white plastic shelves or cramming more stuff into your medicine cabinet. Here are a few tips that boost your storage sense and add to your bathroom’s style sense, too:

  • Tight on space? Floating shelves make great use of wall space and keep things off tiny countertops. Place just a few items on each shelf for a clean, uncluttered look.
  • Put color to work. Light paint colors on the walls and bright chrome accessories will help a small bathroom seem larger and more spacious.
  • Make use of overlooked space.  Add hooks to the back of your door, or place a kitchen pot rack in an unused corner.
  • Look beyond the big box stores. If you think all the storage products at the big linen stores look similar (that is, boring) bring in pieces from elsewhere in your home or office and repurpose them for your bath. A wooden desk organizer from the office can be painted white to become a vanity organizer. A kitchen hanging rack for cookware can hold towels or bath accessories. A chrome desk lamp looks uber-stylish moved onto the bath counter.
  • It’s OK to put things on your counter — if you’ve got plenty of counter space, and you do it with style. Scattering a variety of baskets or dishes on your counter can give a sense of style while giving order to things like soaps, hand towels, accessories, and such. Add a couple of framed photos of friends or loved ones, for a personal touch.
  • Got a free-standing pedestal sink? Add a skirt in a colorful chintz and you get a sweet cottage-style design element and some hidden storage. Simply purchase a couple yards of fabric and attach with adhesive Velcro® tape.
  • If you’re a neat freak and you can invest in some pretty matching towels and such, consider open cabinets or shelves. There’s something about a lovely stack of freshly laundered towels that gives the feeling of a spa or fancy hotel bathroom. Either way, the mood can be inviting and sophisticated.
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10 comments on “Organize Your Bathroom!

  1. I like to think of myself as pretty creative, so imagine my surprise when this article came up with two great space saving ideas for my bathroom that I hadn’t even thought of! First of all…floating shelves! Duh! I have been having such a hard time finding a place to store my clean towels, and for some reason floating shelves never entered my mind. The other idea is that I DO indeed have a free-standing pedestal sink, so I need to go get a cute curtain to drape around it. One of my biggest pet peeves about my bathroom is that I do not have any under-the-sink storage. Well, now I will. Thanks for the awesome post. =)

  2. There are about a million places in the bathroom where you can improve organization by simply adding a storage solution. Use a ladder towel rack which holds lots of towels. Put hand towels in a small antique crate or a wooden wine rack.

  3. Find 2 good-sized boxes and bring them into the bathroom. Collect all the items on the bathroom counter, in drawers and cupboards, and put them into the boxes. All means everything. Don’t leave a single thing out, including soap, toothbrushes, and deodorant.

  4. In order to organize, you need to know what is in the space, or what belongs in the space.

  5. Thankfully there are many inexpensive organizing items that can help us keep our bathroom looking organized. All it takes to keep our bathroom organized is a little creativity.

  6. Keep several extra garbage bags at the bottom of the garbage bin. This makes it easy to simply take out the garbage and instantly replace the bag, without having to search for more bags.

  7. Great tips guys, bathroom is one of the important part of the house so it must be well organize. Thanks for all the ideas.

  8. If you can sort the things in the boxes, do so. Mark one box Must Have and the other Optional.

  9. Discard any product that is over 1 year old. Old mascara, make up, cold creams, deodorants, as well as items without an expiry date such as hairbrushes, clips or old rusty nail clippers.

  10. Add a skirt in a colorful chintz and you get a sweet cottage-style design element and some hidden storage. Simply purchase a couple yards of fabric and attach.

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