4th of July: Patriotic decorating

It’s another 4th of July and if you’re running out of ideas beyond hanging a flag on the porch and calling it a day, we can help with a few easy ways to bring the spirit of the holiday into your home. Decorating for July 4th (or Memorial Day) doesn’t have to mean bunting and mini flags (although those are certainly acceptable old favorites)! But if you want to be a little more creative, try this:

  • Use bunting indoors. Don’t have a traditional porch? Hang red, white and blue bunting indoors, on the mantel, up the stair rail, or even on any blank wall.
  • Switch out some of your “regular” décor. Add red or blue throw pillows to the sofa. Red or blue candles on the dining room table. Use a red cookie jar or blue kitchen dish towels. Throughout the year, keep an eye out for red or blue stripes – in fabric, pillows, throws, towels – and buy one or two when they’re on sale. Then you’ll be ready to switch them out when the holiday rolls around – that’s much smarter (and easier) than running all over town looking for July 4th decorations during the last week of June.
  • Get crafty! Got a little more time and energy? Create easy, inexpensive, do-it-yourself decorations. With red and blue poster board or tagboard, red and blue glitter, red and blue ribbon, you can create festive items like a garland of cut-out stars to drape indoors or on the porch.
  • Light it up! Place and inch or two of red or blue fish tank gravel in clear tumblers, then add a tea light candle to each – instant patriotic candles! Place them randomly on shelves or tables around your home – and don’t forget to light them as dusk approaches!
  • Make your own bunting by gathering yards of red or blue striped fabric and tying it to a porch or other railing with yarn.
  • Grow red, white and blue. This takes a little more planning (next year, maybe?) — but plant red, white and blue flowers in terracotta pots and place them around your patio, yard or kitchen.
  • Purchase a set of inexpensive china or plastic dishes in red or blue (or a little of both!) and use them for everyday meals around July 4th and Memorial Day.

As you can see, there’s more to decorating for the 4th than streamers and balloons! Bring those patriotic red, white and blue colors into your everyday décor to give your home a festive, seasonal, yet relaxed and comfortable feeling.

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