Lovin’ summer!

We don’t have a lot of “business” to discuss today about summer – we’re just glad it’s here! Remember back in December, January, February, March, when all the snow piled up on the East Coast? If you’re like us, you found it pretty hard to imagine summer back then: digging through drifts, slipping on ice, piling on the sweaters… but enough! It’s gone! Summer is here and we couldn’t be happier!

So break out the picnic basket! Fire up the grill! Go outside after dinner and take a walk – there is nothing so relaxing as a summer evening stroll with a loved one, watching for fireflies (or in some neighborhoods, keeping an eye out for bats!).

We’d like to share three links with you today. We hope you enjoy the first two, and we beg you to read the third (and share it with others). It’s true we don’t normally deal with “heavy” issues on this blog, but this is an important issue that hits close to home for us… we think it’s important enough to interrupt our usual lighthearted programming.

Happy summer to all!

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