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Lovely linen

One of the reasons we love the prospect of summer on its way is because we love, love, love that quintessential summer fabric – linen! We love the way it feels, we love the way it looks, we love the way it drapes.

What makes it so great?

Linen is made from the fiber of the flax plant, and is renowned for its ability to remain cool and fresh in hot weather. This is due to the fiber’s unique luster: it’s smooth, highly absorbent and doesn’t fuzz or pill. Because it’s so absorbent, it wicks perspiration away from the skin, and then dries quickly so that your garment – whether a shirt, skirt or dress – feels cool against your skin. One of linen’s downsides is the need to iron out wrinkles, but that’s OK… the soft drape and silky feeling make it all worth it!

Linen is also one of the world’s oldest fabrics. There’s something sort of awesome about wearing a fabric that’s pretty similar to what was around as early as 36,000 BC.

As much as we love linen clothing, have you ever tried linen sheets and bedding? With frequent washing, linen loses any stiffness and becomes even more silky and soft. It becomes absolutely heavenly – a great choice for hot summer nights.

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