Celebrating mom

Let’s face it, in most families growing up, the person most responsible for creating the sense of “home” – the comfortable spaces, organizing things, the look and feel – was Mom. Mom chose the colors, the wallpaper, the dishware, the furniture… Mom told us where to put our stuff, not to leave our shoes in the living room, to close the blinds at night, to turn on that lamp or you’ll ruin your eyes… A home’s décor was typically an expression of Mom’s personality. That’s why it was such a big deal when we got to change our bedroom décor when we turned 16. Freedom!

Mother’s Day is coming (yes, already) on May 8. Seems like a good time to look around our homes and recognize – and celebrate! – Mom’s influence. Do you fold your towels the same way Mom did? Is your kitchen organized like the kitchen in your childhood home? Are you lucky enough to display any of the knickknacks or decorative objects that were displayed (and perhaps dusted by you) in your family’s home growing up? Maybe some of your furniture includes pieces that you were lucky enough to take when you moved into your first apartment?

Even if we grow up and decide to use color palettes Mom would have hated, or we organize our silverware in a way she feels “makes no sense,” our homes are guaranteed to include a little bit of Mom. Look around… and celebrate her influence!

Happy mother’s day, Moms!

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