Quick Spring Cleaning

The change of seasons is the perfect time to give your home a fresh, clean look.  But who has time for the whole spring cleaning extravaganza?  Not us!  If you’re pressed for time, try this quick list to get maximum results with minimal effort.  (Now those are our kind of chores!)

  • Change over your closet. First things first: start tossing!  If you haven’t worn it in a year, put it into the donation pile.  For those garments staying in the closet for this spring and summer, give each one a close look.  Simple needs like missing buttons, small tears or letting out a waistline (oops!) can be accomplished by a tailor for relatively low cost.  Store your fall and winter items – make sure they’re clean! – in plastic tubs or Space Bags.
  • In the kitchen: try vinegar (and not only on salads!)  Wash cabinet fronts and wipe down appliances – you’ll be amazed how much grease and dust builds up over the winter.  Run a cup of vinegar through your dishwasher’s cycle to reduce soap buildup.  And fill your coffeemaker’s reservoir with a mixture of vinegar and water and run a brewing cycle plus several cycles of water to rinse thoroughly.
  • Speed dust. Grab a pair of electrostatic cloths (like Swiffers) and quickly dust everything you see at eye level. Sure, in a perfect world you should dust from ceiling to floor — but if speed is an issue, focus on eye level first for maximum impact.
  • Spot clean. Walls, door moldings, baseboards, windowsills: scuffs, marks and dust on these surfaces give your home a worn-out look.  A quick clean with a Magic Eraser or a simple damp sponge with baking soda can give your whole room a facelift.
  • Do windows. OK, they’re not always so “quick,” but the fact is, clean windows transform any room instantly.  If you can’t tackle them all at once, start with your most-lived-in rooms and do a couple of windows every day.  You’ll be done – with sparkling views and streaming sunlight – before you know it!  (Hint: store-bought window cleaners are fine, and squeegees are optional.)
  • Change your sheets. This seems obvious, but we sometimes forget.  When the sun starts shining and the days are even a tiny bit brighter, pack away your flannel sheets and switch to crisp cotton, preferably in bright white or other fresh colors.  The change will help accelerate the change of seasons and brighten your mood.
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