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Earth Day is April 22!

Remember Earth Day?  Schools tend to incorporate environmentalism and green initiatives into their curricula in April… but what are we grown-ups doing?

The Earth Day Network is sponsoring a great program this year: A Billion Acts of Green.  The idea is to reach that number in pledges from individuals — small steps people are taking to make a better world.  So far they’re received over 96 million pledges.  Go to their website and make one of your own!  Here are a few ideas:

  • Plant a garden at home or school.
  • Get a home energy audit.
  • Switch to energy-efficient compact fluorescent lightbulbs, or the new generation of LEDs.
  • Switch to organic cotton bedding.
  • Eat more local food.

Most importantly, get kids involved in your Earth Day activities.  The habits they begin when they’re young will have a great impact, as they incorporate green thinking into their lives for the long term.

And one more thing… Earth Day may be April 22, but the message (preserving this planet for, say, a few more years) can be our priority every day!

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