April fools!

We could have used this opportunity to give you some bogus home décor advice – to try and trick you for April Fools Day!  Hmmm… maybe next year.  (Watch out!)  Instead, we thought it would be fun to recount some of the sillier April Fool’s jokes we’ve been involved in or witnessed over the years.



April Fool!
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Hey, mom and dad: tricking the kids is fun!

Of course you need to judge your own child’s tolerance for tricks, but if you’ve cultivated a good sense of humor in your home, try one of these ideas:

One year a husband-who-shall-remain-nameless changed all the clocks in the house so that my middle school-aged kids got up, showered, got dressed, ate breakfast… and then as they started to get their backpacks and coats for school, started to wonder why it was so dark outside.  It was still the middle of the night! Pretty sure the kids did not laugh at the time (they ran to their beds and dove back in!), but they did have a good laugh later and even seemed proud when telling their friends about their devious dad!

Another year the same husband (hmmm, a trend?) removed every stitch of clothing from his teenage son’s bedroom, so that when he came back from his shower, there was nothing to wear.  (Notice this was not attempted with teenage daughter!)

One year the kids got Dad by replacing the sugar in the sugar bowl with salt.  The morning coffee was a shocker!

Another year, the kids surprised Mom by fixing the kitchen sink’s spray nozzle in the “on” position, so that when the water was turned on, it sprayed directly out and mom got very wet!

As you can imagine, the internet has made it easier than ever to search and find ideas for all kids of safe and funny pranks for all ages. A few cool sites:


Of course, you never want to play cruel jokes on kids or family members. (Save those for your co-workers, haha.)  Keep it lighthearted, avoid mean-spirited tricks or anything that could be perceived as bullying.  You don’t want to permanently affect your relationship with your kids, thanks to a prank gone wrong.  But the right joke can be a shared laugh you and your kids remember forever.

What are some of your family’s memorable April Fool’s jokes or pranks?

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